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Why Choose Christ ICSE School | Top ICSE School in Bangalore

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Located in the green campus of Gollahalli, off Mysore Road, the Christ Kengeri ICSE school offers a well-rounded education to students, preparing them for both academic and real-world success.

Christ ICSE School Kengeri

One of the key features of Christ Kengeri ICSE school is their focus on a wide range of subjects. Unlike other schools, which may focus primarily on science and math, Christ also places emphasis on subjects such as history, languages, and the arts. This helps to develop well-rounded individuals who are able to think critically and communicate effectively.

We also place a strong emphasis on the development of critical thinking and analytical skills. Students are encouraged to question, debate, and think independently, rather than simply memorizing information. This approach helps to prepare students for the challenges of higher education and the modern workforce.

At Christ, we are committed to provide a high-quality education to students from all backgrounds. Our school is open to students of all religions, castes, and economic backgrounds, and we are committed to providing equal opportunities to all students.

Even our rich green campus aids to create a positive environment for the students to cultivate a positive attitude towards nature and life. Our school infrastructure ensures that students from all walks of life have access to a world-class education.

Extracurricular Activities in Christ School Kengeri

We also offer a wide range of extracurricular activities to students. These activities include sports, music, drama, and other arts, and they help to develop the student's physical, emotional and creative side. This is an important aspect of a child's development and helps them to become successful individuals.

If you are a concerned parent who wants their child to endeavour the flavours of success, then Christ Kengeri ICSE school is the right place to begin their journey.

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