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Christ School Logo with Name.png

Our Vision
Permissum ad maius bonum (empowering for the greater good)

Our Mission   
Christ School is a nurturing ground for the holistic development of every child to acquire values, skills and knowledge in pursuit of excellence and creativity to enrich the society.

Our Motto

‘You are the Light of the World’ is the motto of Christ school. It is taken from the Holy Bible Mathew 5:14. Imbibing this spirit, Christ School concentrates on the integral growth and total formation of the human person by leading the life in a righteous path. Light cannot be sordid. We make the students to apprehend that they are the light of the world and they must live uprightly to reveal the love of God. Let the light sparkle before others by doing good deeds essential for the well-being of all.

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The crest of Christ School reflects the quintessence and values that the school upholds.

It consists of the wheel, star, flame, vision, name and victory leaves.


The Wheel

Two concentric circles make the wheel which symbolizes the harmony between parts and whole contributing to the progress of holistic education.

The Star

The star has five tails. The tips of the top and two bottom tails touch the outer circle of the wheel and the other two tips touch the inner circle. It represents the star of heaven which steers the course of life.

The Flame

A lit candle is placed in the centre of the star and wheel in such a way its flame spreads and illumines the surrounding. It symbolizes enlightened mind.

The Vision

The Vision statement is engraved in Latin ‘Permissum ad maius bonum’ in between the two circles and the lower tails of the star. The vision statement means empowering for the greater good.

The Little Stars

The five little stars imprinted at the bottom of the vision statement represent the five core values of the institution. Our direction and progress is rooted in the core values.

The Name

The name ‘Christ school’ is written both in Kannada and English. Kannada the local language of the state symbolizes our roots in the local culture and English an international language symbolizes further reachability of every christites.

The Victory Leaves

The victory leaves decorate the crest bringing life, success and bash.

Our Core  Values

Faith in Christ_edited.png


Faith in God motivates the students to make the right choices at every step of their life and gives inner strength to encounter any moral  dilemma with courage and confidence.



The ability and courage to take right decision by fostering values like truthfulness, trust worthiness, modesty, compassion, courage, persistence, faithfulness, responsibility and humility.



The ability to  respect and love every being by giving importance to the greatest gift of the on earth emphasizing universal co existence and environmental sensitivity.


It is the civic sense of abiding laws, respecting diversity and inculcating environmental care and love of nature for the universal well being.



Academic Excellence through self learning ability,expertise of  interest, continuous learning skills creative thinking and innovative knowledge application in the practical life situation.

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