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How does our Kreedo curriculum help your child to learn better? | Kreedo Curriculum at Christ

At Christ Kengeri ICSE School, we have adapted Kreedo has our curriculum partner for early years.

Before we begin, we would like to take a minute to appreciate your interest in choosing the Kreedo curriculum with us. Here is why you should pat yourself on the back for doing it right for your child.

To start with, the Kreedo curriculum encompasses a vast collection of workbooks, practice books and theme books. They stick out from their contemporaries because of their welcoming approach towards new concepts. They help our children not only to imbibe new lessons but also to reinforce what they learn. They cover all the major facets of life to help children become confident citizens of tomorrow. Sensorial, Practical life, Mathematics, Language, Geography, Botany, Zoology and Culture are the core subjects in the curriculum.

Kreedo Lab at Christ Kengeri ICSE School

It is equally important to talk about the Kreedo labs which come along with and adds to the uniqueness of the curriculum. A Kreedo lab is called the ‘Structured environment’ or the ‘Prepared environment’ wherein everything has an order and a purpose. Unlike the conventional classrooms where children learn from mere books and copy from blackboards, these will unleash your child’s potential to learn from materials.

The labs are designed in such a way that children are free to choose their materials and place of work. They can complete the activity at their own pace and self-correct by attempting the same activity several times. Thus, rather than making the children lose themselves in theories, the labs help them find paths to reach theories through activity-based learning. They make learning fun and effective.

Let us get to know the teaching aspect which makes the Kreedo curriculum at Christ exemplary. As the saying goes ‘In learning, you will teach. In teaching, you will learn’, teaching is the art of learning. Happily, our teachers at Christ are not content with being just ‘good’. Instead, they strive to be better every day with our up-to-the-minute curriculum. We keep our teachers trained which helps them master their core areas of knowledge. The continuous mentoring and training help them implement our curriculum effectively.

Moving on to the evaluation part, Kreedo has a timely child assessment software to track each child’s progress. This highlights the child’s strengths and aptitude. It also helps us to know the areas of development which need improvement and execute the curriculum accordingly. For the same, Kreedo has a timetable to help the teachers plan their schedules. It promotes a disciplined learning environment which ultimately benefits the child by systematically dividing the concepts.

At Christ, we believe that learning is a lifelong process and it has no limits. Keeping this in mind, Kreedo curriculum has solutions for both learning at home and learning at school. The scientifically designed materials come in toy boxes at home and on top of that we provide Practico, our gamified learning app. We are proud to welcome you and your child to the Christ’s Kreedo curriculum and joyful learning.

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